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Feature rich online menu display includes pictures, descriptions and auto prompts all at the touch of a button.

Fully Integrated
  • Fully Integrated SoftTouch Online instantly transforms your POS configuration into an online ordering system.
  • Uses your existing SoftTouch menu configuration.
  • Instant checkout posts order and payment information directly back to your SoftTouch system.
  • No middle man.
  • Optional faxing of order and payment information for manual backup

Menu Setup

  • Real-time menu changes allow you to upload menu changes and specials within minutes.
  • Use existing menu server prompts or create new customer prompts for modifiers, side items, etc.
  • Hide or show items anytime.
  • Fully customizable with pictures and descriptions.

Payment Processing

  • No additional transaction fees.
  • Instant payment processing using your own merchant account


  • Future orders by calendar date and time.
  • Specify delivery or pick up.
  • Instant cash out.
  • Configurable order and hold validation options.

Website Options

  • Integrate with your existing website. or
  • Create/customize new website with your domain name (html, flash, etc)** or
  • Use the SoftTouch Online ordering portal with your custom logo and design.

Online Ordering